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Rank Name Raised
N/A Rob Lale Rob Lale $0
N/A Rob Oz Rob Oz $0
N/A Rob Tobin Rob Tobin $0
N/A Robbert Fraser Robbert Fraser $0
N/A Robbie Coutts Robbie Coutts $0
N/A Robert Crane Robert Crane $0
N/A Robert Csar Robert Csar $0
N/A Robert Inverarity Robert Inverarity $0
N/A Robert Kevin Robert Kevin $0
N/A Robert Lambert Robert Lambert $0
3203rd Robert Lenten Robert Lenten $314
N/A Robert Mc Intosh Robert Mc Intosh $0
2316th Robert Murphy Robert Murphy $565
3988th Robert Petrini Robert Petrini $144
N/A Robert Ross Robert Ross $0
N/A Robert Sandberg Robert Sandberg $0
N/A Robert Trsan Robert Trsan $0
N/A Robert Whiting Robert Whiting $0
N/A Robyn Bailey Robyn Bailey $0
N/A Robyn Gascoigne Robyn Gascoigne $0