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Rank Name Raised
N/A Rod Smith Rod Smith $0
N/A Rod Yin Rod Yin $0
N/A Rodd Underwood Rodd Underwood $0
N/A Roderick Gavey Roderick Gavey $0
N/A Rodney McQuie Rodney McQuie $0
N/A Rodney Palmer Rodney Palmer $0
N/A Rodney Quan Rodney Quan $0
N/A Rodney Thomas Rodney Thomas $0
N/A Rodrigo De Luca Rodrigo De Luca $0
N/A Rodrigo Lencioni Rodrigo Lencioni $0
N/A Rodrigo Sicilia Rodrigo Sicilia $0
N/A Roger Gee Roger Gee $0
N/A Rohan Goyani Rohan Goyani $0
N/A Rohan Mcmaugh Rohan Mcmaugh $0
N/A Rohan Swan Rohan Swan $0
N/A Rohit Khanduja Rohit Khanduja $0
N/A Rohit Sharma Rohit Sharma $0
N/A Roisin Birney Roisin Birney $0
N/A Roma Clayton-Tweedie Roma Clayton-Tweedie $0
N/A Romain Couturier Romain Couturier $0