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Rank Name Raised
N/A Russell Swansson Russell Swansson $0
N/A Russell Zammit Russell Zammit $0
N/A Ruth Edwards Ruth Edwards $0
N/A Ruth Laverdet Ruth Laverdet $0
N/A Ruth Morris Ruth Morris $0
N/A Ruth OConnell Ruth OConnell $0
N/A Ruvi Flescher Ruvi Flescher $0
N/A Ry Keel Ry Keel $0
N/A Ryan ‏‏‎ Ryan ‏‏‎ $0
N/A Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett $0
N/A Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett $0
N/A Ryan Culos Ryan Culos $0
N/A Ryan Gianola Ryan Gianola $0
N/A Ryan Graham Ryan Graham $0
N/A Ryan Guntrip Ryan Guntrip $0
N/A Ryan Haun Ryan Haun $0
N/A Ryan Henry Ryan Henry $0
N/A Ryan Hooper Ryan Hooper $0
N/A Ryan Marangon Ryan Marangon $0
N/A Ryan McNeill Ryan McNeill $0