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Rank Name Raised
837th Abby Iverson Abby Iverson $568
N/A Abby Pettitt Abby Pettitt $0
N/A Abdalla Okud Abdalla Okud $0
N/A Abdelrahman Sayed Abdelfattah Abdelrahman Sayed Abdelfattah $0
N/A Abdul Baset Hamidi Abdul Baset Hamidi $0
N/A Abdul Hekmat Abdul Hekmat $0
N/A Abdul Majid Mafot Abdul Majid Mafot $0
N/A Abdul Wadood Abdul Wadood $0
N/A Abdul Yaseen Mohammed Abdul Yaseen Mohammed $0
N/A Abdulbasit Karim Abdulbasit Karim $0
N/A Abdul-hafiz Ali Abdul-hafiz Ali $0
N/A Abdulkarim Saleh Abdulkarim Saleh $0
N/A Abdullah Ariai Abdullah Ariai $0
N/A Abdullah Yousef Ismaeel Abdullah Yousef Ismaeel $0
N/A Abdulqadeer Khubair Abdulqadeer Khubair $0
N/A Abdunasir Ibrahim Abdunasir Ibrahim $0
N/A Abeer Aljbour Abeer Aljbour $0
N/A Abel Cole Abel Cole $0
N/A Abel Oliver Orellana Abel Oliver Orellana $0
2908th Abey Priyantha Abey Priyantha $104