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Rank Name Raised
N/A Moeen Bhatty Moeen Bhatty $0
N/A Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ali $0
N/A Neha Goyal Neha Goyal $0
N/A Nick Law Nick Law $0
N/A Nirosha Kaushalya Serasingha Nirosha Kaushalya Serasingha $0
N/A Priya Shah Priya Shah $0
N/A Raagee Nair Raagee Nair $0
N/A Rachel Hogg Rachel Hogg $0
N/A Rayyan Bassam Ashqar Rayyan Bassam Ashqar $0
N/A Rebecca Harding Rebecca Harding $0
N/A Royce Pinto Royce Pinto $0
N/A Sai prasanna kumar Mysari Sai prasanna kumar Mysari $0
N/A Salman Rauf Salman Rauf $0
N/A Savanah Fillery Savanah Fillery $0
N/A SinLam Lei SinLam Lei $0
N/A Skyler B Skyler B $0
N/A Srikanth Jogineni Srikanth Jogineni $0
N/A Ta Bawi Hlawn Chin Ta Bawi Hlawn Chin $0
N/A Umar Farooq Umar Farooq $0
N/A Umesh Patel Umesh Patel $0