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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gibson Tafolehe Gibson Tafolehe $0
N/A Gideon de Jager Gideon de Jager $0
N/A Gigi Van der poll Gigi Van der poll $0
N/A Gilbert Manabat Gilbert Manabat $0
N/A Gilbert Rull Gilbert Rull $0
N/A Giles Westley Giles Westley $0
N/A Gillan Polglase Gillan Polglase $0
N/A Gillian Alice Vogel Gillian Alice Vogel $0
N/A Gillian Behan Gillian Behan $0
N/A Gillian Huyskens Gillian Huyskens $0
N/A Gillian Loft Gillian Loft $0
N/A GIN Ng GIN Ng $0
N/A Gina Calva Gina Calva $0
N/A Gina Henley Gina Henley $0
N/A Gina LeValley Gina LeValley $0
N/A Gina Macaluso Gina Macaluso $0
N/A Ginna Nino Ginna Nino $0
N/A Gino Aliphon Gino Aliphon $0
N/A Gino Zhi-Y. LEE Gino Zhi-Y. LEE $0