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Rank Name Raised
237th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,545.50
689th Emma Upton Emma Upton $1,395.30
254th Matt Simper Matt Simper $2,503.49
N/A Anthony Benger Anthony Benger $0
272nd Nicole Frain Nicole Frain $2,323.85
845th Brian Thompson Brian Thompson $1,237.79
3573rd Timothy Tucak Timothy Tucak $230.69
1838th Mr Andrew Young Mr Andrew Young $702.97
116th David King David King $3,275.09
2224th Mark Gordon Mark Gordon $590.85
41st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $5,220.57
2699th Gerald Goody Gerald Goody $502.99
1603rd Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $801.56
506th Anselmo Matsui Anselmo Matsui $1,653.16
3757th Myles Ryland Myles Ryland $191.48
2342nd Thomas Colls Thomas Colls $559.92
628th Jim Hayhoe Jim Hayhoe $1,471.47
1496th Jonathan Devine Jonathan Devine $844.21
4133rd Karl Bensemann Karl Bensemann $118.61
896th Shirley Capon Shirley Capon $1,201.11