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Rank Name Raised
133rd Troy March Troy March $517.19
134th Steve Twyford Steve Twyford $516.71
135th Hayden Mcdonald Hayden Mcdonald $515.23
136th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $514
137th Robert Player Robert Player $510.58
138th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $508.32
139th Annalisa Smythe Annalisa Smythe $505.30
140th Ashley Knowles Ashley Knowles $504.88
141st Craig Burr Craig Burr $503.79
142nd Ben Wyndham Ben Wyndham $503.68
143rd Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $503.65
144th Liam Collins Liam Collins $503.61
145th Marienne Urban Marienne Urban $503.37
146th Graham Eddy Graham Eddy $502.43
147th Leah Gray Leah Gray $501.99
148th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $501.98
149th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $501.50
150th Brett Pascoe Brett Pascoe $501.29
151st Greg Walsh Greg Walsh $500
151st Linda Dominic Linda Dominic $500