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Rank Name Raised
138th Neil Bramble Neil Bramble $3,106.88
139th Mark Rubie Mark Rubie $3,104.97
140th Matt Fahey Matt Fahey $3,100.75
141st Bill Book Bill Book $3,098.15
142nd Christine Arens Christine Arens $3,084.23
143rd Natalie Roberts Natalie Roberts $3,080.46
144th Brett Lawson Brett Lawson $3,078.88
145th Sophie McKay Sophie McKay $3,063.13
146th Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley $3,060.21
147th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller $3,048.61
148th Daniel Bingham Daniel Bingham $3,043.67
149th Anne Henderson Anne Henderson $3,037.47
150th Adam Berwick Adam Berwick $3,036.81
151st Brett Smith Brett Smith $3,029.24
152nd Leigh Robinson Leigh Robinson $3,029.09
153rd Geoff Herrod Geoff Herrod $3,022.77
154th guy pertwee guy pertwee $3,013.31
155th Nathan Brown Nathan Brown $3,013.05
156th Ricky Foulstone Ricky Foulstone $3,007.65
157th Doug Austin Doug Austin $3,001.13