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Rank Name Raised
3253rd Adam J. Smith Adam J. Smith $72
1232nd Adam James Baker Adam James Baker $412
2977th Adam Jealous Adam Jealous $100
1869th Adam Jeffriess Adam Jeffriess $233
N/A adam jodko adam jodko $0
1427th Adam Johnston Adam Johnston $336
4795th Adam Kelly Adam Kelly $21
N/A Adam Kelly Adam Kelly $0
3633rd Adam Kennedy Adam Kennedy $52
4124th Adam Kinnest Adam Kinnest $36
N/A Adam Kinsella Adam Kinsella $0
N/A Adam Limina Adam Limina $0
N/A Adam Londino Adam Londino $0
N/A Adam Luka Adam Luka $0
N/A Adam McInerney Adam McInerney $0
3884th Adam McIntyre Adam McIntyre $50
N/A Adam McKay Adam McKay $0
N/A Adam McVeigh Adam McVeigh $0
2293rd Adam Miller Adam Miller $160
N/A Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell $0