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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrew Caswell Andrew Caswell $0
N/A Andrew Fuge Andrew Fuge $0
N/A Andrew Govell Andrew Govell $0
103rd Andrew Hutchinson Andrew Hutchinson $83
14th Andrew Krieg Andrew Krieg $476
22nd Andrew Lamb Andrew Lamb $340
187th Andrew McArtney Andrew McArtney $35
N/A Andrew Mcintyre Andrew Mcintyre $0
N/A Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $0
66th Andrew Nisbet Andrew Nisbet $120
N/A Andrew Payne Andrew Payne $0
N/A Angela Bellomo Angela Bellomo $0
N/A Angela Cash Angela Cash $0
N/A Angela McCart Angela McCart $0
N/A Angelica Wilson Angelica Wilson $0
N/A Angelique Stone Angelique Stone $0
N/A Angus mackintosh Angus mackintosh $0
N/A Anish Udash Anish Udash $0
12th Anita Gordon Anita Gordon $500
N/A Anja Vivian-Fryer Anja Vivian-Fryer $0