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Rank Name Raised
116th Megan Butcher Megan Butcher $1,590
N/A Robyn Wilkie Robyn Wilkie $0
117th James Hough James Hough $1,586
118th Fr Thomas Casanova Fr Thomas Casanova $1,580
119th Greg Jarvis Greg Jarvis $1,573
120th Matthew Symes Matthew Symes $1,568
121st Stevan Bonning Stevan Bonning $1,562
122nd Ruth Davis Ruth Davis $1,557
123rd Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh $1,557
124th Skye Monckton Skye Monckton $1,556
125th Geoff Ney Geoff Ney $1,555
126th Shane McKay Shane McKay $1,542
127th Mitch McCabe Mitch McCabe $1,534
128th Simon Mann Simon Mann $1,505
129th Zach McGrath Zach McGrath $1,503
130th Sarah Klain Sarah Klain $1,503
131st Anthony Beavis Anthony Beavis $1,495
132nd Matt Masnada Matt Masnada $1,494
133rd Sam Cosentino Sam Cosentino $1,493
134th Ian Snare Ian Snare $1,490