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Rank Name Raised
160th Tim Bowden Tim Bowden $546
161st Jemma Saegenschnitter Jemma Saegenschnitter $543
162nd Ian Howchin Ian Howchin $538
162nd Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $538
162nd Matt Reed Matt Reed $538
165th Mathew Eggleston Mathew Eggleston $534
166th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant $529
167th Craig Brittain Craig Brittain $527
168th Adam Giles Adam Giles $523
169th Neale Zietsch Neale Zietsch $520
170th Avi Kassman Avi Kassman $518
171st Amanda Foster Amanda Foster $518
171st David Eccles David Eccles $518
171st Toni Buckler Toni Buckler $518
174th June Towers June Towers $515
175th Andrew Krieg Andrew Krieg $512
176th Daniel Buckley Daniel Buckley $512
177th Bernie Smead Bernie Smead $505
178th Sarah Townsend Sarah Townsend $505
179th Andrew Browne Andrew Browne $504