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Rank Name Raised
157th Sharon Maree Pyle Sharon Maree Pyle $401.81
158th Michael Dryden Michael Dryden $401.58
159th Christine Trevaskis Christine Trevaskis $401.21
160th David Crawford David Crawford $398.48
161st Patrick Broughton Patrick Broughton $398.21
162nd Liam Collins Liam Collins $396.73
163rd Angelique Aloupis Angelique Aloupis $396.22
N/A Cody Jones Cody Jones $0
164th Sophie Foster Sophie Foster $393.30
165th Tammy Biffin Tammy Biffin $387.17
166th David Welch David Welch $70
166th Kristen Sanders Kristen Sanders $382.96
167th Richard Lalor Richard Lalor $380.30
168th Connor Downie Connor Downie $378.14
169th Ella and Lou Whight Ella and Lou Whight $377.78
170th Sarah Dixon Sarah Dixon $376.03
171st Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $376.03
172nd Martin Gatehouse Martin Gatehouse $375.95
173rd John Hill John Hill $374.20
174th Kelly Morley Kelly Morley $372.61