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Rank Name Raised
120th Ashley Butcher Ashley Butcher $534.02
121st Patrick Ross Patrick Ross $532.59
122nd Paull Stimson Paull Stimson $527.53
N/A Regina evans Regina evans $0
123rd Salina Currie Salina Currie $524.35
124th Claude Aguilera Claude Aguilera $524.08
125th Noel Baird Noel Baird $523.35
126th Phillip Morrison Phillip Morrison $522.77
127th Stephen Hull Stephen Hull $520.93
128th Anthony Barnett Anthony Barnett $520
N/A Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic $0
128th Dean Bartley Dean Bartley $520
128th Kristine Davis Kristine Davis $520
131st Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $518.24
132nd Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $517.51
133rd Troy March Troy March $517.19
134th Steve Twyford Steve Twyford $516.71
135th Hayden Mcdonald Hayden Mcdonald $515.23
136th Jacob Rose Jacob Rose $1,253.75
136th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $514