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Rank Name Raised
21st Tim Bowden Tim Bowden $207
22nd Sharon Buckley Sharon Buckley $202
23rd Verity Gorddard Verity Gorddard $200
N/A Emma Brentnall Emma Brentnall $0
24th John Krause John Krause $195
25th Clare Lourey Clare Lourey $165
26th Walster Jeff Walster Jeff $160
27th Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $152
28th Dean Adam Dean Adam $135
29th Ashley Knowles Ashley Knowles $129
30th Chris O'Keeffe Chris O'Keeffe $129
31st Hemerson Paes Hemerson Paes $124
31st Maz Stephens Maz Stephens $124
33rd David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $120
33rd Dean Thompson Dean Thompson $120
33rd Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $120
33rd Robert Marriage Robert Marriage $120
33rd Stephen Lister Stephen Lister $120
33rd Warren Floyd Warren Floyd $120
33rd Wendy Grant Wendy Grant $120