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Rank Name Raised
3419th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $265
997th Phil Astill Phil Astill $1,128.89
992nd Max Reinhardt Max Reinhardt $1,134.37
303rd Jason Smith Jason Smith $2,196.01
2359th Rion Findlay Rion Findlay $555.01
2439th Tony Brewster Tony Brewster $540.18
1616th Edwin Tan Edwin Tan $796.77
2575th David Gellert David Gellert $515.01
N/A Lonnie Toia Lonnie Toia $0
N/A Diane Humphrey Diane Humphrey $0
2846th Jeffrey Schulz Jeffrey Schulz $461.25
61st John Choroszy John Choroszy $4,160.33
27th Peter Gurkin Peter Gurkin $5,655.87
N/A Cristina Almirall Cristina Almirall $0
1891st Jakob Timmer Jakob Timmer $681.48
76th Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $3,737.55
N/A Janepob Puthikarun Janepob Puthikarun $0
2584th David Cook David Cook $513.47
631st David Farley David Farley $1,465.52
1353rd Mikey Seelhofer Mikey Seelhofer $923.15