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Rank Name Raised
N/A Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic $0
N/A Barry Emo Barry Emo $0
N/A Basil Merendino Basil Merendino $0
N/A Baxter Townsend Baxter Townsend $0
N/A Bec Cooling Bec Cooling $0
N/A Bec McFarlane Bec McFarlane $0
N/A Becky Andersen Becky Andersen $0
N/A Bee Ruii Bee Ruii $0
N/A Bella Clarke Bella Clarke $0
122nd Ben Cartmill Ben Cartmill $52
N/A Ben Hayes Ben Hayes $0
N/A Ben Hinks Ben Hinks $0
N/A Ben Kleinschmidt Ben Kleinschmidt $0
N/A Ben Moore Ben Moore $0
N/A Ben Peiper Ben Peiper $0
N/A Benjamin David Benjamin David $0
N/A Benjamin Swinfield Benjamin Swinfield $0
N/A Benjammin Rollason Benjammin Rollason $0
85th Bernadette McDonald Bernadette McDonald $88
52nd Bernadette Odzierejko Bernadette Odzierejko $120