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Rank Name Raised
271st James Topping James Topping $230.43
272nd Tom Whittaker Tom Whittaker $228.50
273rd Ann Hope Ann Hope $227.77
274th Llewellyn Cleaver Llewellyn Cleaver $227.71
275th Andrew Giacobetti Andrew Giacobetti $227.70
275th Ann Palmer Ann Palmer $227.70
275th Elkin Fulton Elkin Fulton $227.70
275th Jacqui Miller Jacqui Miller $227.70
279th Mark Walker Mark Walker $227.06
280th Justine Stewart Justine Stewart $227.01
281st Peter White Peter White $226.48
282nd Jamie Harvey Jamie Harvey $225.95
282nd Susan Norman Susan Norman $225.95
284th Andrew Morris Andrew Morris $223.87
285th Bryce Evans Bryce Evans $223.18
286th Tom Montague Tom Montague $222.53
287th Andrew Ferguson Andrew Ferguson $222.53
288th Holly Escott Holly Escott $221.83
289th Liam Satrapa Liam Satrapa $221.30
290th anita gordon anita gordon $219.73