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Rank Name Raised
869th Katie Lack Katie Lack 6years $1,621
870th Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 7years $1,618
871st Chloe Rich Chloe Rich $1,616
872nd Brendon Smith Brendon Smith $1,616
873rd Gabrielle Law Gabrielle Law $1,615
874th Jason Hillier Jason Hillier 2years $1,614
875th Kevin Rozario Kevin Rozario $1,612
876th Fred Peters Fred Peters 4years $1,608
877th Bradley Newman Bradley Newman $1,607
878th Fiona Tallarida Fiona Tallarida 3years $1,606
879th Margaret Jones Margaret Jones 6years $1,604
880th Peter Foord Peter Foord 5years $1,603
881st Angela Drag Angela Drag 4years $1,603
882nd Melvin Hernandez Melvin Hernandez $1,598
883rd Jagdeep Bajwa Jagdeep Bajwa 4years $1,598
884th Hamed Mahdianfar Hamed Mahdianfar 2years $1,598
885th John Barrett John Barrett $1,596
886th Sienna Hunt Sienna Hunt $1,594
887th Case Scholtes Case Scholtes $1,591
887th Louai Kanaan Louai Kanaan $1,043