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Rank Name Raised
65th James Frame James Frame $36
N/A James Naylor James Naylor 3years $0
59th James Pruitt James Pruitt $36
N/A James Rogers James Rogers 3years $0
N/A James Rowe James Rowe 3years $0
N/A James Scorer James Scorer 5years $0
N/A James Sinclair James Sinclair 2years $0
N/A Jamie Harvey Jamie Harvey 6years $0
N/A Jamie Le Souef Jamie Le Souef 3years $0
N/A Jamie Middleton Jamie Middleton 7years $0
N/A Jamie Sortman Jamie Sortman $0
N/A Jane Mcneil Jane Mcneil 6years $0
N/A Janitha Wijesinghe Janitha Wijesinghe 3years $0
N/A Jarden Sajnovic Jarden Sajnovic $0
N/A Jared Styan Jared Styan $0
N/A Jarrod Nobes Jarrod Nobes 2years $0
N/A Jason Clark Jason Clark 2years $0
33rd Jason Clark Jason Clark $104
66th Jason DRURY Jason DRURY 5years $31
N/A Jason Lee Jason Lee $0