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Rank Name Raised
832nd Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins 6years $1,593
5518th Sally Murphy Sally Murphy $151
3767th Colin Rafferty Colin Rafferty $503
5373rd Darcy Preston Darcy Preston $174
6071st John Seamon John Seamon $88
1155th Strahan Olesen Strahan Olesen 3years $1,296
4865th Natasha Gilmour Natasha Gilmour $270
3069th Darren Springer Darren Springer 4years $617
4517th Julia Pasik Julia Pasik $352
2363rd Steven Bocallini Steven Bocallini 3years $781
1074th Lauren Cox Lauren Cox $1,354
2910th Elizabeth Waters Elizabeth Waters $650
1551st Vicki Delves Vicki Delves 3years $1,072
3692nd Craig Barrett Craig Barrett $510
872nd Han Wei Ong Han Wei Ong 5years $1,533
6494th Antonios Kyriakopoulos Antonios Kyriakopoulos $52
1716th Brett Fleming Brett Fleming 6years $1,002
304th Liz Gibbeson Liz Gibbeson 3years $2,728
1944th Leigh John Carmody Leigh John Carmody 4years $914
2402nd Carol McNaughton Carol McNaughton 3years $770