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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lucy Whitfield Lucy Whitfield $0
N/A Luda Molchanoff Luda Molchanoff 2years $0
N/A ludovic baulacky ludovic baulacky $0
N/A Luigi Chapman Luigi Chapman $0
N/A Luis Campos Luis Campos 4years $0
N/A Luis Franco Marin Luis Franco Marin 3years $0
6494th Luis Garduno Luis Garduno $52
N/A Luis Hernandez Luis Hernandez 2years $0
N/A Luis Lorenzo Luis Lorenzo $0
N/A Luisa Amortegui Luisa Amortegui $0
N/A Luisa Paiva Luisa Paiva $0
N/A Luiz Fernando Fazio Christofanelli Luiz Fernando Fazio Christofanelli $0
N/A luka Brakus luka Brakus $0
N/A Luka Liber Luka Liber $0
N/A Luka Vidovic Luka Vidovic $0
N/A Luke Abercrombie Luke Abercrombie 4years $0
N/A Luke Azzopardi Luke Azzopardi $0
N/A Luke Blyth Luke Blyth $0
N/A Luke Brennan Luke Brennan $0
N/A Luke Brown Luke Brown $0