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Rank Name Raised
N/A Thaung Kyaw Thaung Kyaw $0
1100th Theo Grant Theo Grant 2years $1,402
535th Theo Milligan Theo Milligan 6years $2,188
400th Thomas Jones Thomas Jones 2years $2,515
N/A Thomas Kelso Thomas Kelso $0
N/A Thomas Viljoen Thomas Viljoen 4years $0
N/A Thomas Zheng Thomas Zheng $0
N/A Tim Blake Tim Blake 2years $0
335th Tim English Tim English 3years $2,728
2508th Tim Forde Tim Forde 4years $781
4313th Tim sheppard Tim sheppard $426
5078th Tim Smith Tim Smith 2years $248
2591st Tissen Sebastian Tissen Sebastian $760
N/A Tony Carter Tony Carter 3years $0
3954th Tony Emmanouel Tony Emmanouel 4years $503
N/A Tony grainger Tony grainger 2years $0
7265th Tony Rogers Tony Rogers $21
2127th Tracey Doherty Tracey Doherty 7years $896
N/A Travis Kreeck Travis Kreeck 4years $0
986th Trent Houssenloge Trent Houssenloge 2years $1,502