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Rank Name Raised
N/A Laura Iacono Laura Iacono $0
N/A Lauren Bossons Lauren Bossons $0
N/A Lauren Seymour Lauren Seymour $0
N/A Lavan Ruban Lavan Ruban 2years $0
N/A Lawrence Magno Lawrence Magno $0
N/A Leah Dekroo Leah Dekroo $0
N/A Leigh John Carmody Leigh John Carmody 4years $0
N/A Leigh McGrane Leigh McGrane $0
N/A Leighton Fildes Leighton Fildes $0
N/A Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett $0
N/A Les McDermott Les McDermott $0
N/A Ley Jin Cheng Ley Jin Cheng $0
N/A Lisa Crespo Lisa Crespo $0
N/A Lisa McCormick Lisa McCormick $0
N/A Lisa Oh Lisa Oh 2years $0
N/A Lisa Phung Lisa Phung $0
N/A Liz Moloney Liz Moloney 4years $0
N/A Lorenzo Aquino Lorenzo Aquino $0
N/A Lori Alanis Lori Alanis $0
N/A Louise Noonan Louise Noonan $0