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Rank Name Raised
1468th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland 3years $1,113
N/A Jacob Preece Jacob Preece 2years $0
741st Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins 6years $1,718
539th Jag Sandhu Jag Sandhu 2years $2,085
26th Jake Johns Jake Johns $6,925
1866th Jake Pokorzynski Jake Pokorzynski $946
129th Jake Vita Jake Vita $3,858
6501st Jamea Tranter Jamea Tranter $52
5775th James Gram James Gram 6years $120
4150th James Gretton James Gretton $431
N/A James Harrison James Harrison 2years $0
N/A James Kirk James Kirk 6years $0
N/A James Plater James Plater 4years $0
3905th Jamie Browning Jamie Browning 2years $482
468th Jamie Cooke Jamie Cooke $2,217
6074th Jan Doering Jan Doering $90
3749th Janine Wade Janine Wade 5years $1,450
N/A Jarod Winders Jarod Winders $0
130th Jarrad Tabone Jarrad Tabone 2years $3,848
1923rd Jarrod Vero Jarrod Vero 2years $924