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Rank Name Raised
2451st Jay Taylor Jay Taylor 4years $787
N/A Jean Ferreira Jean Ferreira $0
N/A Jed Moore Jed Moore 2years $0
946th Jeff Davies Jeff Davies 5years $1,518
N/A Jenn Madz Jenn Madz 2years $0
3846th Jenna-Lee Webb Jenna-Lee Webb $508
2105th Jennie Charlton Jennie Charlton 3years $891
N/A Jennie Yu Jennie Yu $0
N/A Jerel David Jerel David 5years $0
551st Jess Nicholson Jess Nicholson $2,130
399th Jess Roche Jess Roche $2,493
N/A Jesse Yeomans Jesse Yeomans 4years $0
N/A Jezza Carstairs Jezza Carstairs $0
2623rd Jim Plater Jim Plater 2years $739
N/A Jimbo Rhodes Jimbo Rhodes $0
5274th Jo Ongley Jo Ongley 6years $205
746th Joanne Barlow Joanne Barlow 2years $1,768
N/A Johan Oosthuizen Johan Oosthuizen $0
1537th John Marshall John Marshall $1,115
250th John O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe 6years $3,113