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Rank Name Raised
551st Paul Collins Paul Collins 2years $2,155
552nd Marianne Gray Marianne Gray 3years $2,154
553rd Debbie Wallace Debbie Wallace $2,152
554th James Emery James Emery 5years $2,152
555th Paul Stacey Paul Stacey $2,149
556th Carly Bubbers Carly Bubbers $2,148
557th Deanne Eaton Deanne Eaton 4years $2,146
558th Daniel Sofia Daniel Sofia $2,145
559th Kim Glasscock Kim Glasscock 3years $2,143
560th Swagat Padhi Swagat Padhi $2,142
561st Wendy Mewett Wendy Mewett 3years $2,141
562nd Christopher Heath Christopher Heath 2years $2,141
563rd Trent Lo Trent Lo $2,136
564th Ryan Woodger Ryan Woodger 2years $2,134
565th Jess Nicholson Jess Nicholson $2,130
566th Sean Murray Sean Murray $2,130
567th Matt Young Matt Young $2,129
568th John McAndrew John McAndrew $2,128
569th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod 3years $2,127
570th Jenelle Winnett Jenelle Winnett 3years $2,126