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Rank Name Raised
1295th MIchael Caldwell MIchael Caldwell 2years $1,387
4478th Geoff Pursell Geoff Pursell 2years $484
1360th Lesley Turton Lesley Turton 2years $1,336
402nd Russell Worboys Russell Worboys 2years $2,776
483rd Julie Duncan Julie Duncan 5years $2,583
512th Greg Standish Greg Standish 3years $2,526
3120th Danielle Erbs Danielle Erbs 4years $690
5035th Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut $304
1258th Brian Gates Brian Gates 2years $1,413
2431st Mary McKenna Mary McKenna 7years $880
913th ben symmons ben symmons $1,745
4551st Zippy Oh Zippy Oh 2years $447
244th Sylvia Hall Sylvia Hall 5years $3,475
3076th Ricky Victor Ricky Victor 2years $701
6463rd Rodney Palmer Rodney Palmer 7years $72
1665th martin nugent martin nugent $1,173
N/A paul williams paul williams 6years $0
2785th Paul Ranocchiari Paul Ranocchiari $776
2097th Don Moss Don Moss 6years $1,010
N/A Frandy Tumiwa Frandy Tumiwa $0