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Rank Name Raised
412th Alain Chadeyras Alain Chadeyras 2years $72
N/A Alan Dowling Alan Dowling 2years $0
N/A Alan Grieef Alan Grieef 2years $0
167th Alan Lloyd Alan Lloyd 2years $150
N/A Alan Marriott Alan Marriott 7years $0
412th Alan Moston Alan Moston 3years $72
197th Alan Rochester Alan Rochester 2years $124
697th Alana Klupfel Alana Klupfel 3years $36
N/A Alannah Mclaren Alannah Mclaren 2years $0
N/A Alastair Gillespie Alastair Gillespie 6years $0
N/A Albert Ang Albert Ang $0
N/A Albert Sawhatzky Albert Sawhatzky $0
N/A Alberto De Almeida Alberto De Almeida 2years $0
N/A Alberto Oliver Alberto Oliver $0
N/A Alberto Peixeiro Alberto Peixeiro 4years $0
N/A Alec Marshall Alec Marshall 4years $0
53rd Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram 3years $362
N/A Alessandro chisari Alessandro chisari 2years $0
687th Alex & Daniel Miter Alex & Daniel Miter 2years $41
N/A Alex Andrews Alex Andrews 5years $0