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Rank Name Raised
801st Alexander Coan Alexander Coan $419
802nd Kim Strong Kim Strong 2years $418
803rd Perry Winn Perry Winn 2years $418
804th Damoon Sheidai Damoon Sheidai $417
805th Kobus Van Wyngaardt Kobus Van Wyngaardt 2years $416
806th Adriaan Greyling Adriaan Greyling 2years $414
807th Rikki Corcoran Rikki Corcoran 7years $414
808th Mat Vonarx Mat Vonarx 2years $414
808th Robert Turner Robert Turner $414
808th Salman Shami Salman Shami 2years $414
811th stu allen stu allen $411
812th Pip Vb Pip Vb $409
813th Ben Gorman Ben Gorman $409
814th Ian Dawes Ian Dawes 3years $409
814th Maggie Jennings Maggie Jennings 3years $409
816th Sam Curtis Sam Curtis 3years $408
817th Chris Doyle Chris Doyle 4years $407
818th Daniel Brain Daniel Brain $405
819th Paul Beavis Paul Beavis $404
820th Robyn Cook Robyn Cook 2years $404