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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ron Turner Ron Turner $0
N/A Aaron McDonald Aaron McDonald $0
N/A Adam Kennedy Adam Kennedy $0
N/A Andrew Govell Andrew Govell $0
N/A Anthony Hazlewood Anthony Hazlewood $0
N/A Barry Emo Barry Emo $0
N/A Benjamin David Benjamin David $0
77th Bernadette McDonald Bernadette McDonald $88
N/A Bowden Stone Bowden Stone $0
181st Brett Edwards Brett Edwards $21
N/A Christina Marie Pauley Christina Marie Pauley $0
60th Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $106
119th Craig Smith Craig Smith $50
N/A Daniel Smyth Daniel Smyth $0
N/A David Trimble David Trimble $0
N/A Dayna Ferreira Dayna Ferreira $0
N/A Dean Saunders Dean Saunders $0
N/A Deb Letica Deb Letica $0
119th Deborah Blaser Deborah Blaser $50
15th Dianne Tomlinson Dianne Tomlinson $362