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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dustin Skorupinski Dustin Skorupinski $0
N/A Adam Puxty Adam Puxty $0
33rd Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett $5,505
N/A Chevy Morgan Chevy Morgan $0
N/A Jessica Saario Jessica Saario $0
103rd Jude Stephens Haines Jude Stephens Haines $3,398
4237th Matt Anderson Matt Anderson $104
N/A Richard Nguyen Richard Nguyen $0
37th Tim English Tim English $5,388
N/A Christian Fox Christian Fox $0
N/A Jesse Riley Jesse Riley $0
380th Tony Banks Tony Banks $1,947
424th Chantal Keyser Chantal Keyser $50
N/A Alex Kraan Alex Kraan $0
N/A Andre Murray Andre Murray $0
N/A Andrew Jason Brooks Andrew Jason Brooks $0
258th Ann Palmer Ann Palmer $2,467
N/A Ashton Harbottle Ashton Harbottle $0
N/A Chris Lacey Chris Lacey $0
N/A Claire Frost Claire Frost $0