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Rank Name Raised
213th Chris Sutton Chris Sutton $2,130.42
214th Andrew Hubbard Andrew Hubbard $2,125.96
215th Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph $2,123.69
216th Hayley Bradshaw Hayley Bradshaw $2,119.36
217th Christopher Esterhuizen Christopher Esterhuizen $2,104.71
218th Susan O'Hara Susan O'Hara $2,103.48
219th Donna Brown Donna Brown $2,102.57
220th Stephen Liston Stephen Liston $2,096.78
221st Troy March Troy March $2,095.15
222nd Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley $2,079.76
223rd Emmanuel Meraveka Emmanuel Meraveka $2,079.73
224th Kim Nightingale Kim Nightingale $2,068.15
225th Greg Standish Greg Standish $2,056.76
226th Tim Bean Tim Bean $2,056.13
227th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,052.80
228th Tim Jarman Tim Jarman $2,052.77
229th Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $2,052.58
230th Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill $2,051.06
231st Belinda Francis Belinda Francis $2,048.90
232nd Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $2,040.60