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Rank Name Raised
135th Chris Rowe Chris Rowe $609
136th Shazzaj Charters Shazzaj Charters $607
137th Adam Murphy Adam Murphy $602
138th Rodney Hopkins Rodney Hopkins $600
139th Chris Mackay Chris Mackay $598
140th Chris Scott Chris Scott $595
141st Graham Dent Graham Dent $594
142nd John Princi John Princi $592
143rd Kim Coddington Kim Coddington $586
144th Kerry Rollins Kerry Rollins $585
145th Peter Atkinson Peter Atkinson $583
146th Matthew Cheeseman Matthew Cheeseman $576
147th Wayne Berry Wayne Berry $575
148th David Booth David Booth $573
149th Glen Goodall Glen Goodall $573
150th David De klerk David De klerk $569
151st Bryan Hoekstra Bryan Hoekstra $566
152nd Alvin Gardiner Alvin Gardiner $564
152nd Brett Edwards Brett Edwards $564
152nd william pizzolante william pizzolante $564