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Rank Name Raised
229th Darcey Browning-hull Darcey Browning-hull $21
229th Geoff Gray Geoff Gray $21
229th Ian Cambourn Ian Cambourn $21
229th Jennifer Turcios Jennifer Turcios $21
229th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $21
229th Robin Grainger Robin Grainger $21
229th Troy Smith Troy Smith $21
242nd Lou Muscolino Lou Muscolino $20
242nd Samuel West-Cook Samuel West-Cook $20
242nd Taz Dunstan Taz Dunstan $20
245th Omer Malik Omer Malik $16
245th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine $16
245th Tim Combridge Tim Combridge $16
248th Alex Balbuena Alex Balbuena $15
248th Glenda Bilton Glenda Bilton $15
N/A Neil Wotherspoon Neil Wotherspoon $0
250th Anaru Utiera Anaru Utiera $10
250th Daniel Pinhasov Daniel Pinhasov $10
250th Eddy Aguiar Eddy Aguiar $10
250th Jacqueline Bullpitt Jacqueline Bullpitt $10