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Rank Name Raised
N/A John Duffy John Duffy $0
N/A Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $0
40th Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $120
N/A Matthew Crank Matthew Crank $0
N/A Nick James Nick James $0
96th Peter Quin Peter Quin $66
N/A Peter Shortman Peter Shortman $0
N/A Robert Amos Robert Amos $0
N/A Tuan Nguyen Tuan Nguyen $0
N/A James Bibby James Bibby $0
N/A Jason Drury Jason Drury $0
N/A Chris Ryan Chris Ryan $0
N/A Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon $0
N/A Michael Wikman Michael Wikman $0
N/A Wayne Clare Wayne Clare $0
N/A Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $0
84th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $70
N/A Aaron Simpson Aaron Simpson $0
21st Andrew Lamb Andrew Lamb $233
N/A Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $0