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Rank Name Raised
3190th Ioan Despi Ioan Despi $318
N/A James Tindall James Tindall $0
192nd Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $2,793
4th Shane Lewis Shane Lewis $16,398
3890th Phillip Forshaw Phillip Forshaw $164
N/A Mick Lee Mick Lee $0
378th Jason Drury Jason Drury $1,957
446th Phillip Rudder Phillip Rudder $1,755
3308th Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr $293
3027th Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $377
N/A Des Woolfield Des Woolfield $0
N/A Arno Junior Arno Junior $0
4009th Heather Ogilvie Heather Ogilvie $140
555th Grant Donnelly Grant Donnelly $1,574
4487th Shaun Dietrich Shaun Dietrich $77
1125th Anthony Smit Anthony Smit $1,056
4351st Bruce Berg von Lindhe Bruce Berg von Lindhe $96
1190th Glenn Tee Glenn Tee $1,021
924th David Hill David Hill $1,181
3419th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $265