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Rank Name Raised
4306th Alex Matijevic Alex Matijevic $482
N/A Herbert Fischer Herbert Fischer $0
3846th David Parkinson David Parkinson $542
613th Dan Daly Dan Daly $2,061
1201st Christopher Lane Christopher Lane $1,362
484th John Schoneveld John Schoneveld $2,437
1284th Ryan L Powell Ryan L Powell $1,320
2866th Wendy McLean Wendy McLean $718
N/A Simon McCormack Simon McCormack $0
960th Adrian Workman Adrian Workman $1,557
4433rd Scott Lamprecht Scott Lamprecht $442
N/A Craig Martin Craig Martin $0
452nd Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $2,519
674th Dean Fiebiger Dean Fiebiger $1,964
1946th Michael Davis Michael Davis $1,008
2022nd Ian Crafter Ian Crafter $986
231st Adrian Westhaus Adrian Westhaus $3,357
N/A Jason Slater Jason Slater $0
214th Joshua Fitzgerald Joshua Fitzgerald $3,457
525th Michael McAuliffe Michael McAuliffe $2,268