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Rank Name Raised
403rd Brendan Paynting Brendan Paynting $2,529
N/A Ken L Smith Ken L Smith $0
1833rd Leigh John Carmody Leigh John Carmody $1,002
1299th Luke Randall Luke Randall $1,243
5201st Ross Dack Ross Dack $228
1366th Ben Fitzpatrick Ben Fitzpatrick $1,200
1531st Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks $1,114
3495th Rion Findlay Rion Findlay $576
144th alan zamp alan zamp $4,018
1812th June Darley June Darley $1,006
2526th Rod Ghanem Rod Ghanem $761
2448th Jeff Rosenlund Jeff Rosenlund $781
455th Brett McMurtrie Brett McMurtrie $2,352
5577th Vincent Caballo Vincent Caballo $174
3810th Matt Adams Matt Adams $527
3652nd Rod Brannock Rod Brannock $552
N/A Rod Ellwood Rod Ellwood $0
2443rd Michael Davis Michael Davis $782
2146th Jeff Davies Jeff Davies $873
N/A Simon McCormack Simon McCormack $0