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Rank Name Raised
207th Craig McCully Craig McCully $3,502
352nd Jac Crofton Jac Crofton $2,832
740th Brad George Brad George $1,838
250th Bruce Glover Bruce Glover $3,282
666th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $1,997
1187th Russell Speight Russell Speight $1,373
1408th Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin $1,238
4074th Carol Fulton Carol Fulton $512
186th Ben OBrien Ben OBrien $3,639
N/A Matt Croxford Matt Croxford $0
2817th Ian Henderson Ian Henderson $730
N/A Road Slo8roll Road Slo8roll $0
49th Justin Farrow Justin Farrow $6,337
429th Suraj Padinjarute Suraj Padinjarute $2,571
210th David Eccles David Eccles $3,483
84th Gavin Hicks Gavin Hicks $5,425
2966th Paolo Russo Paolo Russo $698
838th Chris Wade Chris Wade $1,697
2115th Phil Gees Phil Gees $941
543rd Wayne Clare Wayne Clare $2,235