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Rank Name Raised
192nd Malcolm West Malcolm West 7years $215
193rd Jason Moule Jason Moule 3years $212
194th Daniel Bruce Daniel Bruce 3years $212
194th Greg Howes Greg Howes 3years $212
194th Liam Healy Liam Healy 4years $212
197th Richard Hogg Richard Hogg $210
198th Anna Anthony Anna Anthony 3years $207
198th Brett Cardwell Brett Cardwell 2years $207
198th James Cooper James Cooper 3years $207
198th Julie Morgan Julie Morgan 7years $207
198th Luis Herrera Luis Herrera 3years $207
198th Nadine Ramsay Nadine Ramsay 2years $207
198th Stephen de Mel Stephen de Mel 3years $207
198th Ted Mangan Ted Mangan 2years $207
198th Trent Spencer Trent Spencer $207
207th Glenda Bilton Glenda Bilton 7years $202
207th Tammy Wiseman Tammy Wiseman 3years $202
209th Himathri Ramachandran Bhanumathi Himathri Ramachandran Bhanumathi 2years $201
210th Peter Van Der Veen Peter Van Der Veen 2years $201
211th Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 7years $200