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Rank Name Raised
289th Judyanne Frank Judyanne Frank 2years $150
291st Tia Mathieson Tia Mathieson 5years $149
292nd Cameron Glab Cameron Glab $147
293rd Anthony Graham Anthony Graham 6years $145
293rd Letcha Solo Letcha Solo 3years $145
293rd Maria Carter Maria Carter 2years $145
293rd Nathan Tomaszewski Nathan Tomaszewski 2years $145
297th David McNaughton David McNaughton 3years $145
297th David Mowday David Mowday 3years $145
297th Jacqui Williams Jacqui Williams 7years $145
297th Lisa White Lisa White 5years $145
297th Mark Walker Mark Walker 3years $145
297th Michael Kassebaum Michael Kassebaum $145
297th Mike Tate Mike Tate 2years $145
297th Richard Girvan Richard Girvan 4years $145
297th Richard Hamilton Richard Hamilton 7years $145
297th Teresa Draper Teresa Draper 6years $145
307th Chris Rickards Chris Rickards 7years $142
308th Kevin Tiplady Kevin Tiplady $140
309th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster 4years $140