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Rank Name Raised
1st Warren Floyd Warren Floyd 7years $2,876
2nd Peter Quin Peter Quin 4years $600
3rd Katherine Flack Katherine Flack 7years $590
4th Emil Demyane Emil Demyane 2years $500
5th Greg Dalton Greg Dalton 7years $430
6th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn 4years $417
7th Kristian Fennell Kristian Fennell $373
8th michael templeton michael templeton 7years $362
9th Kevin Blundell Kevin Blundell 3years $352
10th K Goh K Goh 3years $300
11th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $259
12th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine 7years $253
13th peter meek peter meek 5years $128
14th Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett 6years $124
14th Deborah Wells Deborah Wells 5years $124
14th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders 6years $124
17th Birindr Singh Khalsa Birindr Singh Khalsa $109
18th Douglas Hallowell Douglas Hallowell 4years $105
18th Edward Hallowell Edward Hallowell 5years $105
18th Hugh Hallowell Hugh Hallowell 4years $105