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Rank Name Raised
61st michael templeton michael templeton 7years $362
62nd Chris Mackay Chris Mackay 3years $353
63rd Kevin Blundell Kevin Blundell 3years $352
64th Gavin Hicks Gavin Hicks 4years $352
64th Scott Forrest Scott Forrest 2years $352
66th Des Reeve Des Reeve 2years $352
66th Mark Krummer Mark Krummer 2years $352
68th Meredith Banks Meredith Banks $349
69th Jason King Jason King 2years $348
70th jennifer Bernard jennifer Bernard 4years $345
71st Nicole Van der Meer Nicole Van der Meer 3years $331
71st Roy Laurie Roy Laurie 3years $331
71st Sarah Twyford Sarah Twyford $331
74th Shane Haggett Shane Haggett 4years $330
75th Tony Garcia Tony Garcia 2years $330
76th Iohne Simpson Iohne Simpson 3years $328
77th John O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe 7years $326
77th Kelsee Sewell Kelsee Sewell $326
79th Cherie Shiels Cherie Shiels 6years $322
80th Hedi Ziv Hedi Ziv 2years $321