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Rank Name Raised
59th Colin Batten Colin Batten $623.50
N/A Sean McDonald Sean McDonald $622.46
60th James Howden James Howden $619.18
61st Peter Quin Peter Quin $618.92
62nd Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $614.28
63rd Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence $608.74
N/A Olivia Rose Olivia Rose $604.01
64th Coral Swerlowycz Coral Swerlowycz $598.41
65th Maree Garrigan Maree Garrigan $577.87
N/A Debbie Lovaszi Debbie Lovaszi $577.85
66th Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $574.43
67th Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $570.63
68th Gerbrand Ferreira Gerbrand Ferreira $569.71
69th David Johnston David Johnston $556.93
70th Anthony Dal Molin Anthony Dal Molin $555.06
71st Sean Blackhurst Sean Blackhurst $554.93
72nd Geoff Herrod Geoff Herrod $551.90
73rd Sue Gray Sue Gray $549.54
74th Leanne Storer Leanne Storer $549.53
75th Daniel Cameron Daniel Cameron $543.96