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Rank Name Raised
424th Chantal Keyser Chantal Keyser $50
76th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker $3,203.44
4257th Sue Akeroyd Sue Akeroyd $92.27
N/A Colin Brown Colin Brown $3,680.05
691st Phillip Tullio Phillip Tullio $1,241.17
402nd Neville Dummett Neville Dummett $1,630.87
4422nd David Gellert David Gellert $71.23
4344th Katie May Katie May $77.12
66th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $3,309.42
3303rd Craig Kristapsons Craig Kristapsons $245.96
1743rd Russel Scholl Russel Scholl $650.30
3847th Jarrad Hubbard Jarrad Hubbard $139.73
876th Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski $1,091.01
1138th Gordon Macaulay Gordon Macaulay $909.22
1073rd Robert Evans Robert Evans $963.38
1328th Darryl Fourter Darryl Fourter $816.54
2797th Gilbert Quevauvilliers Gilbert Quevauvilliers $370.49
302nd Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $1,840.61
2679th Adam Hadley Adam Hadley $409.76
940th Darren Steffen Darren Steffen $1,047.66