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Rank Name Raised
233rd Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill $2,051.06
234th Belinda Francis Belinda Francis $2,048.90
235th Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $2,040.60
236th Matt Simper Matt Simper $2,035.94
237th Mark Woodland Mark Woodland $2,035.89
238th Joshua Kisgyano Joshua Kisgyano $2,030.93
239th Connor Smith Connor Smith $2,030.30
240th Ann Hope Ann Hope $2,029.25
241st Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh $2,027.49
242nd Donna Weiss Donna Weiss $2,026.13
243rd Cath Dean Cath Dean $2,025.82
244th Mark Jansen Mark Jansen $2,009.43
245th Cathryne Pearce Cathryne Pearce $2,001.30
246th Rob Seeley Rob Seeley $1,995.42
247th Heather Munro Heather Munro $1,992.50
248th mark lemme mark lemme $1,988
249th Sally Wallace Sally Wallace $862.58
249th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $1,983.94
250th Bethany Keogh Bethany Keogh $1,975.26
251st Merita Geer Merita Geer $1,970.50