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Rank Name Raised
312th Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $2,144
313th John Shaw John Shaw $2,130
314th Leanne Hastings Leanne Hastings $2,129
315th Abby Iverson Abby Iverson $2,124
316th William Kain William Kain $2,121
317th Peter Foord Peter Foord $2,118
318th Blake Lawrence Blake Lawrence $2,118
319th Adrian Beckett Adrian Beckett $2,114
320th Matt Collins Matt Collins $2,109
321st Tim Bean Tim Bean $2,108
322nd Lyndell Andrews Lyndell Andrews $2,106
323rd Christopher Esterhuizen Christopher Esterhuizen $2,105
324th Stephen Liston Stephen Liston $2,097
325th Darryl Shirt Darryl Shirt $2,094
326th Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $2,094
327th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $2,084
328th Dean Bartley Dean Bartley $2,083
329th Rachael Van Keulen Rachael Van Keulen $2,083
330th Kathie Bulters Kathie Bulters $2,079
331st Oliver Giudici Oliver Giudici $2,078