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Rank Name Raised
41st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $5,220.57
2637th Peter Williams Peter Williams $507.29
2699th Gerald Goody Gerald Goody $502.99
3608th Barry Burns Barry Burns $222.93
39th Justin Farrow Justin Farrow $5,273.82
N/A Crispian Radburnd Crispian Radburnd $0
1496th Jonathan Devine Jonathan Devine $844.21
896th Shirley Capon Shirley Capon $1,201.11
1604th Russel Scholl Russel Scholl $800.38
626th Vlado Taseski Vlado Taseski $1,472.27
1601st Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $801.56
5334th Peter Stockwell Peter Stockwell $20
1550th Craig Strong Craig Strong $821.62
N/A Lachlan Spencer Lachlan Spencer $410.51
3026th Marcelo Padovani Marcelo Padovani $376.94
988th Joshua Herbert Joshua Herbert $1,136.97
1721st Michael Wikman Michael Wikman $577.67
N/A James Tindall James Tindall $0
191st Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $2,792.61
3892nd Phillip Forshaw Phillip Forshaw $163.63